If you’ve watched your water and energy bills go up every month for the past few months, you may have decided that it’s finally time to replace that old standard water heater with a tankless hot water heater. While some homeowners may be hesitant to purchase a tankless heater because of the price, others are hesitant because they’re unsure which model is best for their home. At Gladiator Repipe in San Jose, we can recommend the best tankless model for your house and install it in a timely manner.

With so many tankless water heaters on the market, you could spend days looking at the specifications of each one. There are electric models and natural gas models, and various sizes for each one. There are many advantages to each option, as well as certain drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. You may be adept at plumbing and appliance installation, but the warranty on certain tankless models are only valid if the unit is installed by a certified professional, such as those at Gladiator. We’ll make sure that everything is installed properly, and that the model is the appropriate size for your home’s water demands. With so much energy being used to heat your water, it’s important to pick a model that will save you money and provide adequate hot water.

If you’ve finally decided to have a tankless water heater installed, but are unsure which one to get, please call us right away. We have the knowledge to help you make the best decision, and the experience and skill to install your new water heater.