While it should seem obvious that a professional repipe plumber would install copper piping correctly, we’ve spoken with homeowners that have had their plumbing replaced or repaired, only to experience more problems right away. We understand the intricacy of the repiping process and never take shortcuts when installing your new piping. At Gladiator, we take pride in doing the job quickly and correctly, and updating your home with new copper pipes in as little as one day.

A copper pipe needs to be completely clean before it is fitted, or “mated,” with the next pipe. We’ll make sure to properly cut the pipe and remove the burs before we clean it with emery cloth. Burs that remain from the cutting can impede the flow of water and create a poor connection with the fitting. We’ll also make sure to clean the fittings so everything slides in properly and there are no gaps when connecting the pipes. Before the pipes are joined, we’ll apply an even layer of flux and push everything together. Next we will solder the joints, applying even heat around the entire pipe, since uneven heat can cause unsealed joints and improper connections. We also take the time to ensure that every safety precaution is taken while we’re cutting, cleaning, and soldering your new copper piping.

It can be very frustrating as a homeowner to have a repipe plumber come to your house, only to find after they leave that they didn’t do a thorough job. There are more leaks than there were before, and you have to either call them back or find another plumber. When you call Gladiator Repipe in San Jose, you won’t have to worry about poor workmanship. We will install your copper piping correctly and leave you with a home that has better water pressure and a lower water bill.