The last time we wrote about water heaters, we covered the appliance’s energy factor and how to understand it. If you’re researching new water heaters for your home, there’s plenty of information to digest, and as plumbing experts in San Jose, Gladiator wants to help you make the best decision. Another factor that’s very important when choosing a water heater is its first-hour rating.

The first-hour rating is the amount of hot water that the appliance can supply per hour when the storage tank is full. The rating depends on the tank’s capacity, the fuel source for the appliance, and the size of the burner or element. It’s important to figure out when the peak hours of water demand will be for your household, which will of course include how many people live in your home. No matter what you and your family members are doing – showering, shaving, washing dishes, etc – hot water will be used and you’ll want to make sure there is enough for each task or activity. If your water heater is unable to keep up, you’ll quickly run out of hot water and someone, or perhaps everyone, will be left disappointed.

A water heater’s first-hour rating should be labeled on each appliance, and the Gladiator team can help you calculate what your peak water demand hours are, and once you’ve picked an appliance, we’ll install it in no time at all. We understand how to properly install and repair every type of water heater, and can make sure that your entire household has plenty of hot water, no matter what time of day it is. Call today!