When your house was built and the pipes were installed, the plumber might have told you, or the previous homeowner, that the galvanized pipes would last for many, many years. While they may have lasted up until now, chances are that the zinc inside those galvanized pipes has begun to erode and rust is now forming inside your plumbing. A buildup of rust can lead to low water pressure, discolored water, and an overall decrease in water quality. At Gladiator Plumbing & Repipe in San Jose, we don’t want rusty pipes to be a problem for you any longer, and our copper repiping services can take care of the issue.

There are several advantages to copper piping, and after we’ve installed your new plumbing, you’ll see some of them firsthand. Copper is lightweight, meaning it’s easier to install and requires less bracing than old galvanized pipes. It’s also more flexible than galvanized plumbing, so you can run water lines where you possibly couldn’t before, and with no ability to rust, you won’t have to worry about discolored water. Copper pipes will last for a very long time so chances are, if you sell your home several years down the road, the plumbing will be in the same pristine condition it was when we installed it.

Gladiator offers same-day copper repiping services in San Jose, and we can have your project done in one day. This minimizes the impact on your home and your family, and lets you enjoy better plumbing in less time. Call us today!