When your house was built – however long ago that was – the contractor and the plumber most likely thought that the galvanized pipes that were installed would last for many years. They were thinking ahead, but unfortunately, after a few decades, those galvanized pipes have probably rusted and deteriorated quite a bit. At Gladiator Plumbing & Repipe in San Jose, we like to think ahead as well, and help homeowners plan for the future – not five or ten years down the road, but 30, 40, or 50 years from now. By repiping your home with copper piping, you can make sure that the person that owns your home 50 years from now will have the same great water pressure and quality that you did.

Another issue that you may run into with an older house is plumbing that wasn’t installed correctly or up to code. A plumbing contractor may have been trying to finish the job quickly in order to meet a building deadline, and he may have taken a few shortcuts to get done faster. While this provided a temporary solution, it doesn’t help you or your family, especially if you’re planning on selling  your home in the near future. With copper repiping, you can bring your plumbing up to code and avoid any obstacles once you put your house on the market.

If you like planning for the future, make sure your plumbing will last for decades by calling Gladiator in San Jose today. Our copper repiping services can improve the pressure and quality of your water, and ensure that your house has exceptional plumbing for many years to come.