If you’ve noticed that the pilot light on your old gas water heater won’t stay lit, it might be time for a new appliance. There are ways to relight the pilot, but if it won’t stay lit, or keeps going out after the water is heated, it’s best to call a certified technician to inspect and possibly replace the water heater. At Gladiator Plumbing & Repipe in San Jose, we’ve seen plenty of pilot light problems, and while we’ve been successful at fixing many of them, there have been times when the most cost-effective solution was to remove the old appliance and install a new one, saving the homeowner money on multiple service calls in a short period of time.

It’s quite possible that the reason the pilot light won’t stay lit is because of a faulty thermocouple, which sends the signal to the gas control valve. It may have been over-tightened at some point, and therefore the signal has been interrupted, and the system can’t tell if the pilot light is lit or not. Our technicians can safely replace the thermocouple, and we recommend that no homeowner attempt to fix their water heater on their own. Appliances that use gas as fuel should be treated with respect, since the slightest break or damage can cause a dangerous leak.

If the pilot light on the water heater in your San Jose home won’t stay on, call Gladiator right away. We’ll inspect every component and provide┬áthe proper repairs for the appliance, or recommend that a new water heater be installed. Either way, you’ll receive the very best from us!