If you’re a landlord or property manager in San Jose, you want to do everything you can to meet your tenants’ needs. Constant calls about lack of hot water or inadequate water pressure can soon become frustrating, and if you’re someone who likes to fix things yourself, you can quickly find that it’s too much to accomplish on your own. You may be able to fix one or two water heaters, but if you bought a multi-unit property in less-than-desirable conditions – with plans to fix it up – it might be better to hire professionals like Gladiator Plumbing & Repipe to handle the installations and repairs.

Water heaters in multi-unit buildings can be stored in a variety of places. Each apartment might have its own utility closet, or there could be a crawlspace that houses the water heater. Certain units might share a water heater, and if it breaks down, you’ll have two families that are calling you to complain. At Gladiator, we always check each individual water heater, looking for leaks, cracks, or compromised parts. If the entire unit needs to be replaced, we’ll recommend the proper model size and configuration so that efficiency and cost aren’t drastically affected. If your building has mostly smaller, single-person apartments, we’ll make sure the water heaters are appropriately sized, so there isn’t energy being wasted by heating water that isn’t being used.

If you own an apartment building in San Jose, let Gladiator handle all of your water heater needs. It doesn’t matter if there are electric, propane, or tankless heaters in the units – we can install and repair every kind.