When people hire a professional for water heater repair, it’s usually because the water in their home isn’t hot enough, or the water pressure has dropped significantly. At Gladiator Repipe in San Jose, these problems represent a majority of the repair calls that we receive, however, there is the occasional call where the customer’s water is too hot, and they haven’t been able to reduce the temperature to a safe level. When this happens, it’s imperative that you contact us right away.

The first thing we will check upon arriving at your home is the water heater’s thermostat dial to make sure that it’s functioning properly. Many homeowners will turn down the dial and assume that the problem is solved. Unfortunately, if the dial is faulty and the water is still too hot, you or your family members could be scalded by the water or steam. Another component that could be malfunctioning is the temperature pressure (TP) relief valve. This valve releases excess pressure when the water inside the tank becomes too hot, but if it fails, the water inside could boil and your heater could rupture or explode. If the thermostat or TP valve prove not to be the problem, we will keep working until we find the source of the issue.

At Gladiator, we want every homeowner to be able to trust their hot water heater, and know that it will produce water that is at a safe and comfortable temperature for cleaning dishes, washing clothes, and showering. If you’re having trouble with the temperature of your home’s water, call us at (408) 649-7290 today!