For the standard homeowner, it’s not important how an appliance works, it’s just important that it does. However, if you’re someone that likes knowing the ins and outs of a machine or appliance, Gladiator Plumbing & Repipe in San Jose is here to help. The only way we can know how to fix a broken appliance is of course to know how it works in the first place! This can also help you as a homeowner understand what’s wrong when something does break, so you can explain it to your plumbing professional.

While some homes now have tankless water heaters, we’ll be talking about traditional water heaters in this post. Traditional heaters are fueled by either electricity or fuel such as propane or natural gas, and are made of steel that is lined with glass to protect against corrosion. The tank’s insulation keeps the water heated while it waits to be distributed throughout the home. The cold water inlet pipe brings water into the tank, and the hot water delivery pipe takes it out. There is also a temperature and pressure relief valve that’s connected to a pipe, and it will open if the water gets too warm or becomes over-pressurized. The best water temperature is between 120° and 130°, as anything higher can severely burn human skin.

If you think that’s something wrong with your water heater, contact Gladiator right away. We understand how each model works, and what the best ways are to fix and maintain them. We serve all of San Jose and the South Bay area, and can help you better understand your water heater.