If you’ve ever heard your pipes making noise after you shut off a faucet or water valve in your home, this sound – known as “water hammer” – can be very disconcerting. Older pipes that are loose and less stable often make more noise, and if the air chambers are clogged (or there are no air chambers in your plumbing), the results could be burst pipes and serious water damage. With copper repiping from Gladiator in San Jose, you can cut down on water hammer and enjoy plumbing that is much quieter.

Copper piping is more rigid than plastic tubing, and less prone to vibration. With proper installation of your new copper piping, water hammer noise should decrease dramatically. It’s important to keep in mind that water hammer is different than normal pipe clatter, which is usually due to the house settling, or pipes cooling down after warm water runs through them. Our team will make sure the proper pressure relief chambers are in place, and that your copper plumbing is adequately supported.

If you’ve heard water hammer in your pipes, or are just tired of seemingly constant pipe clatter, call Gladiator Repipe in San Jose today. We’ve replaced all kinds of plumbing in the South Bay area, and can make your home a quieter place in no time. Our copper repiping service can take care of the entire house, or just replace a section of plumbing in a kitchen or bathroom. Whatever the job, we’ll do it right the first time!