1. Copper Repiping for Your Rental Property

    As a property owner in San Jose, you want to provide your tenants with a comfortable home, and take care of any issues that arise. If you're renovating an apartment complex or condominium, Gladiator Plumbing & Repipe can handle anything you need in regards to water heaters, copper repiping, and …Read More

  2. Copper Piping for Your New Development

    If you're a contractor that specializes in construction for new home developments in the San Jose area, you know how important it is to have everything completed on time. Developers love showing potential residents the model homes and describing all the features that come with the house. At Gladiato…Read More

  3. Pilot Light Not Working? It Might Be Time for a New Water Heater

    If you've noticed that the pilot light on your old gas water heater won't stay lit, it might be time for a new appliance. There are ways to relight the pilot, but if it won't stay lit, or keeps going out after the water is heated, it's best to call a certified technician to inspect and possibly repl…Read More

  4. Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

    If you walk into your basement or check your utility closet, only to see a puddle of water around the base of your water heater, it could be a sign of a much bigger problem. It could also just be condensation, but if it's the first time you've seen such a puddle, it's best to call a plumbing profess…Read More

  5. Rusty Pipes Don’t Have to Be a Problem Any Longer

    When your house was built and the pipes were installed, the plumber might have told you, or the previous homeowner, that the galvanized pipes would last for many, many years. While they may have lasted up until now, chances are that the zinc inside those galvanized pipes has begun to erode and rust …Read More

  6. We Can Take Care of a Broken Water Pipe

    Coming home to a flooded home from a broken water pipe can quickly put a damper on your day. Old galvanized pipes can corrode from the inside and rust on the outside, and after decades of carrying water, those pipes can finally give way. It's possible to patch them, but after some time, even patch…Read More

  7. How Does Your Water Heater Work?

    For the standard homeowner, it's not important how an appliance works, it's just important that it does. However, if you're someone that likes knowing the ins and outs of a machine or appliance, Gladiator Plumbing & Repipe in San Jose is here to help. The only way we can know how to fix a broken…Read More

  8. Water Heaters For Your New Home

    Building a new home is an exciting undertaking and as the new construction nears completion, you begin to think more and more about how you will enjoy your house. You think about the whirlpool tub that will be installed in your master bathroom and the state-of-the-art dishwasher that will effectivel…Read More