Living in a house with old galvanized pipes can pose health risks that may go undetected for many years. If the pipes begin to break down, bacteria and other harmful substances can find their way into your water supply, decreasing the quality and safety of your water. At Gladiator Plumbing and Repipe, we can provide a house repipe for your San Jose home, using copper piping that is non-corrosive and will last for many years.

There are many benefits to repiping your house with copper, with some of them being lower installation costs, increased water pressure, and less maintenance. Copper is very malleable and can be easily soldered or brazed, and can be made to fit nearly any configuration, unlike iron or lead pipes. If you’re adding a laundry room or remodeling your bathroom, copper pipes can provide a finished look that doesn’t need to be painted or covered up if the layout doesn’t allow for it. We can install new copper pipes that run to your kitchen sink, washing machine, and water heater, and we’ll always repair the drywall once we’re finished.

Your indoor plumbing will greatly benefit from new copper pipes, and we know that your entire family will too. At Gladiator, we want everyone to experience the advantages of a house repipe in San Jose, and we guarantee that you’ll receive outstanding service at a great price from the moment you call us. Copper pipes are long-lasting and durable, keeping your water supply safe for years to come!