Berkeley Plumbing Repair and Installation

When you get up in the morning, one of the first things you do is use the toilet or turn on the shower. You count on your plumbing to work properly and when it doesn’t, it can quickly turn your morning on its head. Either the toilet won’t flush, there’s no water pressure in the shower, or you run out of hot water in the middle of getting clean. At Gladiator Repipe, we can thoroughly inspect and repair your home plumbing and, if necessary, repipe those sections that need to be replaced. We’re proud to provide Berkeley with professional plumbing services and are always ready to help when you need us.

PEX and Copper Plumbing

Older homes are usually filled with galvanized pipes, and while these were a good choice when the house was built 50 years ago, they might not be so reliable now. They can often have mineral buildup inside of them, and if they’ve begun to corrode, it can lead to leaks and other issues. Our expert team can replace those old pipes with PEX or copper piping, and we can repipe your home in as little as one day.

Water Heater Repair and Other Services

If the problem doesn’t seem to be your pipes, but can instead be blamed on your water heater, we can repair or replace the appliance in no time at all. Water heaters have a lifespan of approximately eight to 12 years, so if you’ve had yours for that long or longer, it might be time to replace it. If you have a newer model that seems to be malfunctioning, we’ll take a look and see if parts need to be replaced. We can work on traditional water heaters, tankless models, solar heaters, and more. We also offer drain cleaning and sewer service for those clogs and blockages that are causing issues.

When you’re looking for plumbing companies in Berkeley, contact Gladiator right away!