Albany Repipe and Water Heater Installation

It can be frustrating for any homeowner to live with inadequate hot water and decreased water pressure. At Gladiator Repipe, our goal is to improve and update your plumbing so you don’t have to settle for cold showers and low water pressure. We’re proud to serve a wide geographical area in central California, including Albany, and can provide exceptional service whenever you need it. If you’re searching for repipe plumbers or water heater installation and repair, we’re ready to help.

Copper and PEX Repipe

Old galvanized pipes can experience a myriad of problems, such as leaks and breaks caused by corrosion. Rust and buildup can cause your water pressure to decrease and your water quality to become very compromised. With new copper or PEX piping installed by our team of repipe experts, your plumbing will distribute water throughout your home, with adequate hot water and water pressure. Copper piping is durable and long-lasting, and PEX piping is amazingly versatile and can be installed almost anywhere. Our team can handle both copper and PEX and understands the best residential applications for each one.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

In certain situations, your plumbing isn’t to blame for a lack of hot water; instead, it’s a faulty or broken water heater. At Gladiator, we can repair or replace your old hot water heater and provide your home with a new, energy-efficient model. Depending on the size of your home and the water demands of your family, we’ll recommend the best option at a price that fits your budget.

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